Style, Character and Tradition:
The Regent Hotel’s History

Here at The Regent Hotel, we believe that a unique holiday destination calls for an equally unique accommodation experience. As such, we make it our mission to provide the most memorable and comfortable stay for those visiting our charming mountain community. Pairing the timeless elegance of our heritage building with contemporary amenities. warm atmosphere, and excellent service, we take Revelstoke hospitality to the highest level.

Experience the Finest Accommodations in Downtown Revelstoke

Our bright, boutique style rooms offer breathtaking mountain views with a cozy, modern ambience. Perfect for your next romantic getaway, adventure escape or business trip, our rooms are fitted with all the comforts to ensure you a relaxing night’s sleep.

We’re also pleased to provide our guests with exceptional dining and entertainment facilities. Find the finest local cuisine and libations in Revelstoke right at your fingertips, when you visit our onsite breakfast cafe, pub or restaurant & lounge. If you’re looking to host a meeting or event, our facilities are also perfectly equipped to accommodate large parties. Whatever your needs, the Regent Hotel will see them well taken care of.

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The Rich History of The Regent Hotel

If walls could speak, ours would have stories long and layered enough to rival an odyssey. With origins dating back to the 1920’s, the Regent Hotel is one of the oldest, family-owned hotels in Canada, and the oldest family owned business in Revelstoke.

The Windsor Hotel & The Selkirk Hotel

The Regent Hotel was once two neighbouring and fiercely competing hotels, known as the Windsor Hotel and the Selkirk Hotel. The Windsor Hotel was originally bought in 1919 by Charles Turnross, the son of a Swedish immigrant who came to work in Canada for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Eventually, the Windsor hotel was renamed to The Regent Hotel and bought under new family ownership in 1945. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the two neighbouring hotels were thoroughly renovated, modernized, and brought together under the name.

A Railway Hotel

The roots of Regent Hotel are also deeply intertwined with Revelstoke’s history. Once known as the “Second Crossing,” the town was an integral station for the CPR, which enabled economic growth through the logging and mining industries. As Revelstoke grew into a burgeoning railway community, The Turnross family were influential in accommodating travelers, railway workers and newcomers to the town.